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Bones Fest Workshops

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There is rhythm bones education at Bones Fests, and workshops are where a lot of that happens. Workshops were formally introduced by host Sally Carroll at Bones Fest VIII. Since that time they have grown and are now a part of every Bones Fest.

Bones Fest XVII Workshop

Kenny Wolin - Latin Rhythm and Notation Workshop

This year Kenny hosted a Latin Rhythm Workshop that also included some interesting ideas on notation for rhythm bones players.

Bones Fest XIV Workshops

There were five workshops at Bones Fest XIV hosted by Kenny Wolin and Teri Davies. They were videoed by Mary Lee Sweet (a big thank you to Mary Lee) with some additional video by Steve Wixson. The workshops are broken into sections. Click on the links below to view. There are Chapters in some videos meaning you can use the next/previous buttons to skip/backup the video. Click your browser's 'Back' button to exit the videos.

Tim Reilly - Applying Drum Rudiments to Rhythm Bones

The start of the workshop was not videoed, and it begins with Tim already teaching the tap. There is a nice demonstration at the end. Tim mentions a Master castenet player by the name of Matteo, and there is a nice article on him in RBP newsletter, Vol 3, No 3. Click HERE to see Tim sing and play a solo performance.

Kenny Wolin - The Art of Two-Hand Indepedence

This is the latest of Kenny's Advanced Rhythm Bones Workshops that were begun at Bones Fest VIII.

Steve Brown 'Playing Bones with Traditional Irish Music'

Steve Brown, two time winner of the All-Ireland Bones Competition, leads this workshop

Introduction and History
Tune Types, The Reel and the Double Tap
The Jig
The Traditional Irish Session

Spike Bones - Rhythm Bones and the Art of Dance

Spike is a true entertainer and has experience as a street musician. In this workshop, he shows you how to play rhythm bones and dance at the same time in the style of 'Brother Bones' (see RBS newsletter, Vol 4, No 3, for a story about Brother Bones.)

Tim Reilly - The Ancient Art of Bone Scrimshaw

The video of this workshop is of low quality due other activities going on at the same time. However, there is a fantastic sample of Tim's work and a short clip of him in action.

The Mescher Tradition Continues

Sharon and Jerry Mescher and Bernie Worrell explain their unique rhythm patterns

More Workshops

Bill Vits - Drums and rhythm bones

Bill Vits - Drums to Rhythm Bones

Celtic Kilroy Busking Workshop

Matteo - Castanets and Notation

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