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There are two general styles of rhythm bones playing, traditional and percussive though many play a bit of both. For quite a while we've had percussive instruction by Fred Edmuds as described below. Recently we added traditional instruction in a booklet by Sue Barber and Percy Danforth titled "How to play the Bones" which was donated to RBS by its producer Andy and Bill Spence of Andy's Front Hall. Click HERE for that instruction.

Edmunds Overview Page

Dr Fred Edmunds

Dr Fred Edmunds' Bones Unlimited Instructional Course is now on-line.

Click below for Beginner Instruction
Chapter 1 (How to Hold the Bones)

Chapter 2 (Taps)
Chapter 4 (Triplets)

Click HERE for the complete 'Bones Unlimited' course

If Everett Cowett is the father of the Rhythm Bones Society, Fred Edmunds is its grandfather. Fred was a rhythm bones enthusiast who worked very hard to introduce people to bones playing. He sold bones and wrote a monthly newsletter. He also talked Ev Cowett into hosting Bones Fest I. You can read a story about him in the on-line RBP newsletter, Vol 5, No 3.

He also wrote a book and made a video titled 'Bones Unlimited," and his beginning lessons are presented here. His complete course that emphasizes the percussive style of playing is also on-line.

The original book and video and the on-line version are copyright 2007-2011
by the Rhythm Bones Society. All rights reserved.

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