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The Rhythm Bones Player Newsletter has been published four times a year since 2000 with one issue in 1999, and contains a wide varitey of current and historical information. There are quarterly columns from the Executive Director and Editor, Letters to the Editor, Recording of the Quarter, Website of the Quarter, and a Calendar. The feature article begins on Page 1 and there are many smaller articles in each issue.

Not all issues are posted on this website, The latest two years are sent to members in paper form as a membership benefit and not included. Please join and help support our rhythm bones efforts, and you will receive the current issues.

The newsletters are in PDF format, and that file is rather large which takes some time to download.

To view the newsletters, click HERE.

Being in PDF format, you can search the newsletters using the Find command of the free Adobe Reader. This is a powerful feature over searching the paper versions. Note that the newsletter file loads into a new browser window so that you can switch back and forth to it without having to reload it.

Finally, this little newsletter is fully cataloged by and stored in the Library of Congress making this information available to current and future researchers.

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