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Ted Goon Playing 'Tiger Rag' on Steve Allen Radio Show

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This is a recording of one of the Goon-Bones Trio's appearances on the Steve Allen Show. Steve Allen had asked Ted to him a favor - perform on his show in two days. Ted said, "I was about two thirds of the way through our arrangements, but I took a chance and we took the date with Barney Lance and Harold Fisher and performed Tiger Rag on his show. I was making Tiger Rag knowing that I was getting out of the recording business. I had hoped to make a record that would be so complex, so furious that it would give all of the other bones players a challenge to match that. So I worked hard and I rehearsed hard and we didn't have it quite ready yet, but I took a chance and put that on the Steve Allen show. The applause that number got broke the NBC decibel machine record."