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Bones Discography

Listen to Rhythm Bones Music that you can buy

Alabama Jubilee by Red Foley with Francis Craig on rhythm bones. This was recorded in the 1950s. Craig was a orchestra leader in Nashville who played the bones quite well. Click YouTube for a low quality version with video or HERE for a good quality version (start the playback by clicking the arrow by 'Alabama Jubilee.'.)

Play Them Bones with Francis Craig and his orchestra. Click HERE to listen.

Bones Tutorial Recordings

How to Play the Bones (BOOKLET & CASSETTE/CD) by Sue Ellen Barber & Percy Danforth. The definitive method for learning the bones. 14pp., with cassette or CD.

Bodhran & Bones Tutor, Driver Nicholas, , Crawley (G.B.), Gremlin Musical Instruments Co., 1988, 26 p.

Search the On-Line Rhythm Bones Player Newsletters

There is a Recording of the Quarter Column in the Rhythm Bones Player newsletter that reviews some of the most recent rhythm bones recordings. To search it, click HERE. After the newsletters download, enter cntl+F, the Adobe Find function, and enter 'Recorded' as the search word. Press 'enter' for the next item. You will get more hits than you want as the word 'recorded' appears in articles.

Search of Library of Congress Recording Database

In 1999 a search was made for rhythm bones recordings from the Recording DataBase of the Library of Congress. The result was saved in digital form and can be viewed by clicking HERE. It is large and difficult to view, but is a useful collection. It is sorted by the last name of the rhythm bones player where known.

Recordings Entirely Dedicated to the Bones

Bare Bones, by Nicholas Driver and Friends. A sampling of of the sorts of English and Irish folk tunes that are typically accompanied by the bones.

Bones and Jazz by Spike "Bones Muhrer and Friends. A repertoire of bones-accompanied jazz pieces. The bones are recorded fairly soft in the mix, to encourage the listener to play along her/himself on the bones.

Other Recordings Where You Can Hear the Bones

THE GREATEST SONGSTERS featuring Mississippi John Hurt, Richard Brown, Hambone Willie Newbern and others, on CD.

RATTLEBONE & PLOUGHJACK, Molly and Border Morris, CD

HYMNODY OF EARTH, Dalglish, Malcolm. Early American and Shaker hymn suite composed by Dalglish and performed by the American Boychoir with Glen Velez, percussion; James Litton, conductor; and Dalglish, hammered dulcimer, bones and vocals.

THE CIVIL WAR BANJO -- MINSTREL FAVORITES, Flesher, Bob,"22 original minstrel songs of the period played in the authentic stroke style on two original Civil War period banjos with vocals, bones, fiddle, and tambourine"

BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN OLD-TIME BANJO, Howell, Roger, "banjo instrumentals with fiddle, guitar, bass, autoharp and ham-bone rhythms"!

MASTERS OF FRENCH CANADIAN MUCIS, Alfred Montmarquette. The Smithsonian Institution, Folkways Cassette Series: 00111


YEAR OF THE FRENCH LABELS Claddagh Records, 1982 | CC36, Shanachie Records, 1989 | 79036. The Players: Paddy Moloney - uilleann pipes and tin whistle, Seán Keane - fiddle, Martin Fay - fiddle and bones, Derek Bell - harp and tiompán, Kevin Conneff - Bodhrán and vocals, Matt Molloy - flute, & RTÉ Concert Orchestra - Conducted by Proinnsias Ó Duinn and Ruari Somers - bagpipes. The Year of the French was a movie based on the book of the same name by Thomas Flanagan and the author of the book has written the liner notes for the album. In this movie the Chieftains even had a bit part playing themselves albeit thinly disguised as musicians.

Archie Edwards. In 1989, Edwards recorded Blues and Bones for the Mapleshade label (56282), getting help from Mark Wenner on harmonica and Richard "Mr. Bones" Thomas on the bones.

Jay Ungar & Lynn Hardy with Sandy Davis on bones.

Offerings from the Folk Arts Center's Little Shop of HorasLes Éclusiers. French-Canadian dance music with others playing violin, guitar, piano, mandolin, bones, spoons and feet. Folk Arts Center of New England, 1950 Mass. Ave. Porter Square, Cambridge, MA 02140.

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