Dem Bones Dem Bones

Bones Videography

Videos that Feature Bones

Burris, J. C. American Folk Blues. a black and white video with J.C. singing, playing the harmonica, and bones, By Edward R. Michaels, P. O. Box 460583, San Franscisco, CA, 94146-0583, 415/826-7760, 49 minutes, 1989.

Video recordings of Chlefeli dance performances in Switzerland. Reference coming soon.

Bones Sightings

Chocolat. Very briefly during the musical scene on the boat.

Gone with the Wind. Can you recall the scene where Scarlet and Mammy returned to Atlanta after the yankees and carpetbaggers moved in? Mammy was leading the way through a very busy and crowded sidewalk, pushing and hollering at people to make way for the lady. Look for a band of street performers she hollers at, they are all playing the bones!. You have to look fast it only lasts about 2 seconds.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In the celebration parade after Christmas is restored, one of the Whos in the parade is playing the bones. Credit for spotting this one goes to Dave Wilson's kids.

Late Show with David Letterman. A clip from Percy Danforth's instructional video was shown during Dave's Video Collection segment in December 1999.

Mary Poppins. If you have sceen the movie you can't forget the scene where Dick Van Dyke dances with the penguins. Shortly after that the gang jumps on a magical merry-go-round that takes them to a horse race. The next scene is still at the track and an animated rouge band on the sidelines begins to sing and joins the gang in "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." One of the band members is a bones player!

Pot of Gold with James Stewart and Freeman "Brother Bones" Davis.

Riding High with Bing Crosby and Freeman "Brother Bones" Davis.

Titanic features the bones playing of Aaron Plunkett during the scene where the main characters are making their way toward the car.

The Shipping News features bones playing in the soundtrack, though not onscreen.

Yes Sir, Mister Bones, a 1951 minstrel movie with Freeman "Brother Bones" Davis.

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